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Form follows function... Form and function should be one

— Frank Lloyd Wright

Behind its apparent simplicity the ONE PIECE MASTER II is an incredible feat of engineering.

The "One-Piece Master II" is crafted from a carefully selected claro walnut slab, a very special wood that deserves unique treatment. To get the best from this outstanding wood, the "One-Piece Master II" is carved out in one single piece. The uncompromising construction method has been pushed to its limits with a "through body" fingerboard that literally becomes the soundboard of the instrument. The concave body and soundboard of the "One-Piece Master II" create a reverberation chamber that gives the instrument unequalled sustain and a unique resonance.

Luxurious coloring and grain patterns are the earmarks of Claro Walnut. Sonically it delivers a very pleasing balance of warmth, medium and bass. The "through body" fingerboard is made of one of the most visually appealing woods on the planet : the Ziricote. It has wonderful colors that intertwine vivid black ink lines with grays, golds, browns, olives and rust colors. Soundwise the Ziricote has a rosewood-ish, warm, "rock-n-roll" tonality.

The "One-Piece Master II" is an astonishing engineering achievement that breaks with convention at every step of the construction process.

  • 100+ year Claro Walnut slab
  • More than 35 years of drying
  • Moisture content down to 7%
  • One-piece construction
  • Concave body construction
  • Reverberation chamber
  • Strings through body
  • "Through body" fingerboard / soundboard
  • Fingerboard / soundboard in ziricote
  • Scale length: 24'75"
  • Radius: 12"
  • Frets: 22
  • Width at nut: 43mm
  • Neck profile: Modern standard thin

The detail is as important as the essentiel

— Christian Dior

Beyond its technical excellence, the "One-Piece Master II" features some of the finest hardware ever seen on an electric guitar.

The strings rest on a woolly mammoth fossil horn nut. Softer than bone and pre-ban elephant ivory, it renders a mellow tone that fits perfectly with the natural tone of the "One-Piece Master II".

The bridge is shaped from a Damascus steel billet. Initially used by blacksmiths for manufacturing luxury blades and swords, Damascus steel is prized for its distinctive patterns and incredible density. Its use for the bridge gives the "One-Piece Master II" a precision and dynamic that defy comparison.

The 3 knobs are shaped and finished like pieces of jewelry. They feature the unmistakable SAUVAGE GUITARS "angle-cut triangle", a symbol of perfect balance. With its angles cut, the triangle becomes a hexagon in reference to the French roots of the brand.

The "One-Piece Master II" features spectacular pickup tops cut from solid blocks of Fortal. Originally developed for use in the aerospace industry, Fortal is known for its high resistance to corrosion. Beneath the outstanding tops the "One-Piece Master II" is powered by a custom wound pickup set.

  • Mammoth fossil horn nut
  • Bridge shaped from solid Damascuss steel billet
  • Stealth key by Schaller with custom buttons shaped from solid fortal
  • Knobs palladium plated, shaped from solid fortal
  • SAUVAGE GUITARS custom wood pickups
  • Output : contemporary
  • Bridge DC: 21.5KΩ / Magnet Alnico V
  • Neck DC: 17.4KΩ / Magnet Alnico V
  • 500ko Emerson Pro CTS pots
  • 1 master vol
  • 1 master tone
  • 1 blender
  • Russian paper-in-oil capacitors
  • Custom made magnet-locked back plate

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

— Leonardo da Vinci

The painstakingly sculpted Claro Walnut body is a piece of art in itself, and has been kept as natural as possible.

The top and the headstock are finished in an elegant Balloon White Pearl that brings the "One-Piece Master II" an incomparable modern spirit.

The Balloon White Pearl was made famous by Lamborghini on their incredible hypercar : the "Aventador".

The "One-Piece Master II" rests in levitation in its original piece of wood.

  • Body natural finish
  • Top & Headstock Lamborghini's "Balloon White Pearl"
  • Original Claro Walnut slab
  • 50's design display stand

Starting price: 70.000 euros


Music doesn't lie.
If there is something to be changed in this world,
then it can only happen through music

— Jimi Hendrix